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Most of the articles in this big but incomplete archive were written for American Photo magazine, America Photo On Campus (its college edition), and American Photographer (its predecessor). Also included are a small number of stories from other magazines, most notably Photo/Design, Outdoor Photographer, and Digital Photo Pro, as well as some essays for photography books and exhibitions. There are close to 200 articles here, featuring many of the most well-known photographers of our time and in photo history, though the emphasis is on contemporary work. My guess is that in my nearly 25 years at America Photo and its iterations I wrote several thousand pieces, from full profiles to surveys to book reviews, short to long. (I haven't included any of the countless stories I did about photo technology; aside from being out of date, they bore me!) Likewise, this collection is a very mixed bag, so you'll have to click on something to see if it piques your interest or serves your purposes. (See navigation instructions below.)

One other note... In putting this archive together, I often looked through old magazine issues for a particular article, only to discover that my byline wasn't on it. As an editor, you don't just assign stories to writers; once those stories are delivered, you work them over conceptually, structurally, and line by line. Not to diminish the efforts of good writers, but even a well-done story can require serious overhaul to work in the context of a particular magazine issue. In the process, you often end up feeling as if these articles are your own. I wish I could include some of the far greater number of stories I edited in this archive, but I have to let bylines be bylines!

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>Callahan, Harry, Teaching by Example
>Irving Penn, Elements of Style
>Larry Sultan, Truth, Beauty
>Galen Rowell, The View from Above
>Francesca Woodman, A Room of One's Own Imagining
>Peter Gowland, Technology and Vision
>Remembering the Moon (Charles M. Duke, Jr., NASA)

Master Class:
>Abell, Sam
>Allard, William Albert
>Avedon, Richard
>Baril, Tom
>Carter, Keith
>Doubilet, David
>Fuss, Adam
>Gefeller, Andreas
>Graham, David
>Greenberg, Jill
>Mark, Mary Ellen
>National Geographic
>Rainier, Chris
>Richardson, Jim
>Schatz, Howard
>Seliger, Mark
>Tenneson, Joyce
>Watson, Albert

>Abell, Sam, The Photographic Life (Albemarle magazine)
>Allard, William Albert, The World According to Allard
>Baril, Tom, Tomorrow's Classics Today
>Benson, Harry, Benson's Beat
>Bowen, Paul, Top Gun (aerial photography)
>Chaskielberg, Alejandro, Magical Realism
>Cook, Diane, Master of Doubling Up (Digital Photo Pro)
>diCorcia, Philip Lorca, Seeing is Deceiving
>Dugdale, John, Through the Past, Sharply (commercial)
>Finlay, Colin, Colin Finlay Breaks Through (documentary)
>Greenberg, Jill, The Next Generation
>Hower, Robert, Places in the Heart
>Iooss, Walter, Playing a New Game (Photo/Design)
>Isaac, John, Out of Darkness (United Nations/nature)
>Jay, John, The Wizard of Bloomingdale's (Photo/Design)
>Jenshel, Len, Master of Doubling Up (Digital Photo Pro)
>Johnson, Stephen, With a New Eye (digital/landscape)
>Ketchum, Robert Glenn, A Voice in the Wilderness
>Lux, Loretta, Loretta Lux (fine art)
>Mark, Mary Ellen, Passion and Compassion
>Maxwell, Robert, Wet Plate Revival
>McNeely, Robert, Political Vision
>Muller, Michael, Screen Shots (master class in movie photography)
>Neleman, Hans, Dutch Master (Photo/Design)
>The New York Times, Same Place, Different Times (Photo/Design)
>Noble, Chris, Art Under Pressure (adventure)
>O'Hara, Pat, Man with a View (landscape and nature)
>Peterson, Grant, Liquid Light (Photo/Design)
>Picayo, Jose, Changing Colors (Photo/Design)
>Rainier, Chris, Ancient Marks (on body art)
>Robinson, Rudy, The Dream of Rudy Robinson
>Rossi, Jasmine, Whale Story (wildlife in Patagonia)
>Tenneson, Joyce, The Search for Style
>Terracina, Sal, The Amazing Terracina
>Tessman, Barry, River Runner (adventure)
>Waplington, Nick, Living Room (fine art)
>Watson, Albert, Artful Secrets
>Westmorland, F. Stuart, Octopus's Garden (underwater)
>Wolfe, Art, Wild Wolfe

>Abbott, Berenice, and Douglas Levere, Take Two (then and now)
>Abell, Sam, Seeing Things
>Beckman, Poul, Meet the Beetles
>Blacklock, Craig, Perfect Exposure (Lake Superior Nudes)
>Burke, Bill, Autrefois Maison Privee (Southeast Asia)
>Dow, Jim, Making the Land (North Dakota)
>Fink, Larry, Social Graces
>Folberg, Neil, Night Vision
>Gorman, Greg, On Celebrity
>Green-Armytage, Stephen, Extraordinary Pigeons
>Hintlian, Michael, Working Man (The Big Dig, Boston)
>Iooss, Walter, Michael Jordan as Art
>Johns, Chris, Wild at Heart (National Geographic)
>Kalvar, Richard, Chance Encounters (street photography)
>Ketchum, Robert Glenn, Robert Glenn Ketchum
>Knight, Nick, Flora (flower still lifes)
>Leibovitz, Annie (the early years)
>Lesch, William, Painted Desert
>Lutz, Joshua, Meadowlands
>Mark, Mary Ellen, 25 Years
>Mark, Mary Ellen, Twins
>McNally, Joe, Life-Size Heroes (9/11 room-size Polaroids)
>Muench, David, American Portfolios
>Neill, William, For the Trees
>Nilsson, Lennart, Inner Life (biology and science)
>Penn, Irving, Alas, Poor Tapir (exhibition review)
>Rainier, Chris, Body Art (tattoos etc.)
>Rajs, Jake, These United States (landscape)
>Ramon, Erin, Sign Language
>Raynor, Andrea, Student Portfolio
>Ross, Clifford, View Master
>Staller, Jan, A Case of Tunnel Vision (the Chunnel)
>Streiber, Art, Really Big Show (CBS television campaign)
>Sturges, Jock, Misty Dawn
>Sze Tsung Leong, Revisionist History (the new China)
>Tenneson, Joyce, Flower Portraits
>Watson, Albert, Cyclops
>Weber, Bruce, Camp Weber (special assignment)
>Wilkes, Stephen, Ghosts of Freedom (Ellis Island)
>Wolf, Michael, Transparent City
>Wolfe, Art, Vanishing Act (wildlife camouflage)

>Beyond the Oatmeal Box (pinhole photography)
>An Eclectic Music (books of music photography)
>The Facts on the Ground (9/11 photographers' accounts)
>Instant Gratification (Polaroid exhibition review)
>Trunk Show (12 photographers interpret endangered trees, American Photo/Cultural Landscape Foundation commission)
>View Masters (Flickr Creative Showcase)

Photo History:
>Aarons, Slim, Once Upon a Time (high society)
>Arbus, Diane, Diane Arbus Reconsidered
>Curtis, Edward, The Lost Treasure (platinum prints)
>Evans, Walker, Age Before Beauty (remembrances)
>Disfarmer, Mike, Vintage Disfarmer (Michael Mattis)
>Doisneau, Robert, color work (Palm Springs)
>FSA in color, New Deal
>The Importance of Amateurs (Julia Margaret Cameron)
>Kodak Colorama (Grand Central Terminal)
>National Geographic, Digital Takes Flight
>Smith, Eugene, Smith on Set (lost Charlie Chaplin essay)
>Winogrand, Garry, 1964 (color work)

This and That:
>Aaronson, Jeffrey, Window Watcher
>Allard, William Albert (cowboy bar)
>Avedon, Richard, In the American West (B roll)
>Benson, Harry, People (Princess Caroline, Mike Tyson)
>Benson, Harry, First Families (the Clintons)
>Blacklock, Craig (Charis Weston)
>Brandt, Nick, On this Earth (wildllife)
>Brenner, Frederic, Jews/America/A Representation
>Daylight magazine, Light of Day (Iraq project)
>Imes, Birney, Delta Detour (juke joints)
>Isaac, John, Year of the Tiger (conservation)
>Katz, Jimmy, State of the Art (Bonneville Salt Flats)
>Kelly, Owen A., Heat and Dust (Burning Man)
>Kennerly, David Hume (Bob Dole portrait)
>Kirkland, Douglas, Digital Evolution
>Lanting, Frans, The Color of Mommy (penguins)
>Leibovitz, Annie, Whacked (The Sopranos)
>Light, Michael, Deadly Light (nuclear tests)
>Maisel, Jay, Technology and Vision
>Nasrecki, Piotr, The Smaller Majority (amphibians)
>Neleman, Hans, Night Chicas
>Nichols, Nick, A Nether World (Lechuguilla Cave)
>Oglesbee, Brian, Technology and Vision
>O'Hara, Pat, Northern Exposure (Arctic National Wildlife Refuge)
>Owens, Bill, Top Suds (on beer)
>Owens, Bill, Virtual Picnic (on food)
>Peterson, Grant, 9/11 in Detail
>Polidori, Robert, Bad Science (Chernobyl)
>Rainier, Chris, Vision Quest (New Guinea)
>Season's Best (best new photography books)
>Seliger, Mark, The Illusionist (Jennifer Lopez)
>Slavin, Neal, Postcard Prep (first photography job)
>Streiber, Art, Bat Masters (baseball)
>Turner, Pete, Technology and Vision
>Xi Zhinong (snub-nosed monkeys/conservation)

Photo Education (APOC):
>Bard College, School Profile
>Brooks Institute, The Mekong Expedition (documentary)
>Corcoran College of Art and Design, School Profile
>Cowin, Eileen (Cal State Fullerton), The Art of Education
>Dow, Jim (Boston Museum School), Learning Curve
>Harvard Works Because We Do (Greg Halpern)
>List of Lists (most important photography books)
>Marion Center, School Profile
>Maine Media Workshops, School Profile
>Meyer, Paul (Brooks Institute), Contact Teaching
>The MFA Question (Do you need an MFA?)
>Novak, Lorie (New York University), Collaborative Vision
>O'Neal, Elaine (RIT), The Director is In
>School of Visual Arts, Life Lessons (Mentors program)
>University of New Mexico MFA, Art for Artists' Sake
>While You Were Out (photo teachers' summer vacations)

>Abell, Sam, A Different View (on composition)
>Chan, Amos, Chan's Chair (lighting)
>Dow, Jim, Invitation to a Deception (lighting)
>Elgort, Arthur, Manual of Style (fashion)
>Grecco, Michael, Seeing the Light (Robert Duvall)
>Horenstein, Henry, and Russell Hart, Creative Secrets: Composition (excerpt from Photography, Prentice-Hall college textbook)
>Horenstein, Henry, and Russell Hart, Steady State: How to hold the camera (excerpt from Photography, Prentice-Hall college textbook)
>Horenstein, Henry, and Russell Hart, Workshop: Lenses (excerpt from Photography, Prentice-Hall college textbook)
>Knight, Nick, Flower Power
>Manley, Jordan, Snow King (ski photography tips)
>Pinhole Primer: The Art of the Craft
>Rosenbaum, Lauren, Mom Levitates Kids (Photoshop)
>Schenck, Rocky, Hot Light

>Brad Oliphant, Enlightened Blooms (foreword)
>Amy Bedik, Figure and Ground (exhibition)